Shirt – Virgins

Was talking to my buddy last week while chilling at Whitespot.

We were going to go to our typical Ramen place, but we’ve been going there for like a month straight—so Whitespot it was.

We got to talking about some new shirt ideas and I came up with a rather brilliant one, if I do say so myself.

There’s basically a large simple sign on the front of the shirt that says in large text:

(no experience necessary)

Hilarious… I know.  My buddy thought it was pretty great too.  We’re planning on doing the rough draft of it this weekend.  And hopefully in a month’s time (or two), we’ll have some of these bad boys ready to go for y’all to check out and BUY.

These shirts will turn you into walking advertisements.  If they work as well as we plan… you’ll get some willing applicants in no time. 😉