Baby Day

Here at ShockerTees, we’re family people.

We obviously love clever witty shirts.  We also love babies.  Shirts and babies are a wonderful combination for the following reasons:

  1. babies can’t read
  2. babies don’t really care about what they’re wearing, as long as it allows them to carry out their daily functions comfortably… eat, sleep and poop.
  3. babies make the perfect canvas to stuff hilarious words into their mouths.
  4. babies get a lot of attention, so their shirts get a lot of attention.

Today, we’re going to highlight some of the best shirt designs we’ve seen on babies.

Let’s get down to business…

Baby-Shirts-01Attention lazy drunkard fathers… you’ll all love this shirt on your babies.  This one’s a really great one to take to those family BBQs when you want to have someone on your side to support you in your reckless drinking habits.  If he can make it look cute, your chances of getting away with it are that much better.  Just look at that kid’s face.  Looks like he’s eying his next drink already.


Baby-Shirts-02Another classic one to take to big parties where babies get passed around all the time.  This one’s a great way to break the ice.  Imagine walking into the room with your child and just handing your precious child around to set the record straight.  You child becomes an instant conversation starter.  For some, the truth will be more obvious than others.  For your more ignorant conceited friends, this is one easy way to do them and everyone else a favor without looking like a judgmental prick.  This one’s definitely a keeper!


Baby-Shirts-03This next one goes over well with people who don’t get any, if you know what I mean.  This one gets a lot of attention for moms who are willing to walk around in public with low cut shirts.  I mean, how will any guy walk past you and your child without thinking or looking at your child’s breakfast?


Baby-Shirts-04I think this shirt caters more to dads.  Dads will want to get this shirt for the kids to get them onto their side when they want to play the blame game on mom.  “Pops and I aren’t responsible for my being here… it was all Momma’s fault.  She couldn’t keep her hands to herself!”


Baby-Shirts-05Moms will really love this shirt.  Got a monster in law that’s always trying to shove her archaic child-rearing best practices down your throat?  Wanna tell her to back off but not sure how to break it to her gently?  You can only smile and nod so much.  Just throw this happy shirt on your little loved one and your problem is solved.  It’s great watching those 10 seconds as your MIL squints at the letters to decipher the message.  If she gives you any crap about putting that shirt on your kid, just say “oh, someone gave it to me as a gift.  We were in a hurry and I just threw it on lil Percy.”

Like these shirts?  Got some problems that a clever shirt can solve?  Let us know and we’ll see if we can work our witty t-shirt wizardry.