About Us

ShockerTees can be found in the heart of Vancouver BC, Canada.

Vancouver is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It’s nestled between majestic mountain tops and sparkling waters.  It’s certainly one of the top visited cities for tourists, and it’s the place we call home.  It’s also where we design and produce all of our funny t-shirt ideas.

Here at ShockerTees, we’re coming up with crazy zany ideas left and right.  It’s so cray and zany, we call it Crazany!  Whether you’re in town as a tourist, or you actually live here, come and check out what new funny shirt ideas we’re cooking up in our studio!

ShockerTees is an inspirational lovechild that was born to me when I woke up after one magical crazany night of wild drunkenness in college.  Just weeks after, I found myself and my partners creating this wonderful company—ShockerTees.

When it comes to success as an entrepreneur, I highly recommend dangerous amounts of alcohol, Ramen and Texas Holdem.  Take two daily and call me in the morning.  You won’t recognize your new and improved life if it slapped you in the face.

Welcome to the future.

And you’re welcome.

Now go check out our funny shirts!