How to Choose the Finest Quality Swimming Pool Fence for Your Home – Weighing Out the Options and Evaluating Advantages

A swimming pool fence is one of the most important features that should be installed around a pool area in order to ensure round the clock security for your family. Some of the most popular fencing options in today’s market include glass swimming pool fencing, metal pool barriers as well as mesh fences.

For those of you who have a swimming pool at home, it is extremely vital to understand the critical importance of installing a swimming pool fence. Drowning can be one of the most shattering experiences for a family and we must take the utmost precautions to avert the possibility of such an event. This is why fencing a pool will ensure that your children and pets are safe while you can enjoy a hassle free time when you are at home or outdoors. Though there are wide ranges of swimming pool fences available in the market, glass, metal and mesh are the most popular varieties out there.

If you want a good amount of protection around your swimming pool without affecting the view then getting glass swimming pool fencing is a great idea indeed. The glass swimming pool offers the perfect amount of protection to the little toddlers in your home as well as the pets without destroying the visual appeal of the swimming pool at all. The glass fencing exudes elegance and style and goes on to show your good taste.

The glass fence does not compromise on the looks of the swimming pool and provides all the protection that you would expect from a fence. The best glass fences are constructed from industrial grade premium corrosion resistant polycarbonate that makes it stronger than the other fences available in the market. The glass swimming pool panels are guaranteed to be fade proof and they block the harmful U.V. rays of the sun while providing a clear view of the swimming area.

Mesh pool fencing is also considered as one of the best forms of swimming pool fence that you can install around your swimming area. Meshed fences are a very safe option as they eliminate any worry of children, pets or objects squeezing through. Although some would say they are less esthetically pleasing than other forms of fencing they are however extremely hardy as they are made out of polyester which is weaved into a very fine and tear resistant meshing. Good quality mesh fences are also coated over with polyvinyl material which makes then resistant to rusting and harsh weather conditions.

The rustproof aluminum fences can bring about the traditional wrought iron look, which is preferred by city-dwellers. The metal fences are perfectly suited for your needs. On the other hand the mesh pool fencing is also a good choice for almost all types of pool owners. The mesh fences do not obstruct visibility and they are very safe for little kids and pets. The mesh swimming pool fence might be a bit visually unimpressive bit it serves the purpose perfectly. The mesh fences are highly durable; the polyester weaved into fine tear-resistant meshing gives it a high amount of structural rigidity. A good mesh fence is coated with polyvinyl to make it weather proof.

Shirt – Lavish Limo


Let us know your thoughts!  If we get enough interest in this one, we’ll take it to the next step and get these bad boys P-R-I-N-T-E-D!

This idea came to me last Saturday when I had the privilege of being one of the 4 groomsmen at my cousin’s Marty’s wedding.

Boy was it hot out that day…  It really didn’t help that we were all out in full-on suits and the ceremony was outdoors in the middle of the day!

Our saving grace that day was the limo that we got to sit in, in between the ceremony, picture taking and reception.  That glorious air-conditioned interior with its leather cushy leather seats and tasty refreshingly cool alcoholic refreshments were the love of my life that day.

Speaking of limos… here’s quick shameless plug for a buddy of mine in Vancouver who runs a limo company.  I think it’s called VanCity Limousines.  I was up visiting in Vancouver one time and my buddy took me for a tour ’round town.  Had a blast!  Thanks buddy.

The only thing that made sitting in that limo better than the air-con, leather seats and refreshments…  was the moment that IT happened…

PS, Marty, if you’re reading this, I really enjoyed your wedding day.  Right now, I’m just talking about the part of the day when I was in the limo.  Cool?  No hard feelings.  😉  Back to the story…

First, a little background.  Our limo driver for that day was a dude that goes by the name of Eduardo.  He was a skinny Mexican or Spanish guy—I can’t never tell the difference…  I know that sounds awfully racist, but hey… this site’s all about being blunt and offensive. =)

The ceremony had just finished and Eduardo had driven us to the park down the street to take some photos by the flower garden they have there.  We were all posing and Eduardo was hanging out nearby about 50 feet away.  Suddenly the bride slips backwards and lands in a mud puddle.

Yes, it was tragic for the dress and for the stress it caused on everyone else for the rest of the day… but the next 30 seconds was wonderful.  Two seconds after she fell, Eduardo comes sprinting over at full speed and yells out at the top of his lungs the following words…

“It’s OK!… I’m a limo driver!”

And he said it sort of how you’d expect Mario would say it.  (yes, I’m talking about the video game plumber guy).

It came out a little more like “It’s-a O-Kay!… I’m a lee-mo driver!”

The girls were really panicked, but the guys were on the floor laughing.  I know… we’re all jerks.

At that moment, I felt like I was inside of a Napoleon Dynamite movie…

So Eduardo… thanks for being you.  THIS shirt’s for you, buddy…  Thank you for the inspiration.

Here’s the first draft.  What do you think?


Hilarious?  I think so…

“It’s OK!….  I’m a limo driver

LOL…!  Oh Eduardo, you sly dog, you…

Oh yeah… Eduardo, head on over to this post and pick that shirt up for yourself.  We know it must get a little boring driving that limo around all day long.  You might as well make things a little more exciting—you’ll thank us later. 😉

Send in the love and likes.  We’ll see how things go and if ya’ll love this as much as we did here, we’ll polish this up and get it out to production!

Here’s to all great limo drivers out there: